Monday, April 15, 2013

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A morning at Funville at Crown Center, showed how gun-ho. Hudson was for loving work. But top of the list, he loved being a musician and President. Red phones are the main fun of that job. He had a hard time giving that position to anyone else.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hudson fun

Fun time in the back yard and then Chicka Chicka Boom Boom after his bath.
As we sat outside, Hudson counted off the list on his fingers and told me the things we saw and heard. "Airplanes, Helicopters, Rabbit, and Birds"
I told him we could hide in the tent just 2 more times before bath. We did it once and Hudson held up one finger and said "One more time."
I love time with this sweet smart and growing so fast boy.
Hudson, Grams loves you over the moon

I like comfort thoughts...

For me, comfort thoughts help make things in life easier and sweeter...

One of my 1st comfort thoughts was when my Dad explained that thunder was the ole potato man in the sky, heading up a cloud with a wagon load of potatoes, hit a hole and out roll all those potato's.  So thunder made me feel 
sad for that old farmer and his loss.

I love thinking stars are windows in heaven!
I love (still) hearing my Dad sing, "Master the tempest is raging!"
I love hearing him say, "Debby, it's going to be o.k.!"
I love thinking Adam requested that Bella come on the saddest day ever for my sister and her family.
I love going to the cemetery, and talking to those I love.
I love hearing my Mom say, "Acknowledge others, in their loss!"  Prompts me to make that call, send that letter, say that prayer.
I love thinking Heaven may be like the greeting Mary gave me, recently!
I love, that in my exhaustion, I thought Adam tapped me on the shoulder.
I love the recent novel, that explained that someone dear, comes to get your love one, at deaths door, and they don't go alone.
I love that my Mom believed her Mom was with her as a guardian angel.

There are times that I know God has made life blessings for me, simply by giving me comfort thoughts.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lost and Found Pictures!

Christmas Favorites!

Cousins and Buds!
Playground Fun

Morgandy demonstrated her role as an Angel,
in view of Baby Jesus!

Not sure they loved that Santa wrapped the entrance

Are yiu awake, Dadda! 
They love their books!

Always great getting to treat the firemen!

Morgandy is ready for Girl's day shopping!

Bretton decorates the tree!

Bretton and Hudson watching movies!

our craft girl!

Makes you think he can read the sign
And the Art room special...face painting!

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Treasure keeping

As I work through 14 boxes of "Stuff we needed"  and try to give that closet some breathing room, I find such precious treasures, in the pile of mess.  I fill 6 bags and counting with shredded paper.  The organization sites say I can let go of those 5 houses, that are no longer ours.  But, the treasure of seeing our family grow up in those houses, can't be shredded.  Starting on Georgia street, to Grants Parkway, then Apple Orchard Place, Sandy Shore, Mallard Crest & now on Marsh Pointe Dr, (with a few rent houses in between), I have been taking a journey through our life.

Kids school journal's and some special writing assignments reflect their love for our family.  Lana's letter to Santa, asking him to leave a gift in her drawer, Alex wanting him to give to the poor, and Myra's rules of the Girl's Club, are a part of the Treasure Map of the Week.

Piles of unorganized pictures, (that I'm sure I've organized many times), stop me in my tracks. For now, they go in a pile again, and will be sorted and labeled for the stories to be told.

Boxes of "give-aways" are growing bigger, but when it comes to my kids, I keep those things close to my heart.  Homemade cards, special notes, precious gifts. 

It may be a chore for others later, but I am fresh from going through my Mom's treasures recently, and it lightened the load of my loss.  She kept everything that showed the love of her family and friends.  We got to see the way she loved us, and how we mattered.

When will it ever get done.... seems endless, but it reminds me that the journey can be sweeter, and the "Stuff remaining"  has a bit of my heart! Or your Dad might need it :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Woven into my Days!

It seems like yesterday, we went to Edmond, and Mom got to meet Bretton.
Recently, I got to be with him, and often thought of calling Mom to share his 
sweet personality and fun times. She loved hearing about her greats!

This past week, I have wanted to call her and tell her about the kids.
Then when I when shopping this week, it never failed that I looked at things that Grando would like.  

As I look through Pintrest, there are recipes I want to tell her about, or cleaning tips, or fun decorating ideas!  

I know she cherished the time when she met Hudson.  I hope that each of her Greats have some of her woven in them.  Her wit, or her giving spirit or her loving kindness to others.  They will always have her heart!
I am thankful that she is woven in my days.